Since I am constantly thinking and writing about the role of religion in American politics and culture, I enjoy speaking to groups that share my interests and that can benefit from my expertise and perspectives. I evaluate invitations primarily on the basis of how much I can teach (and learn from) a group.

Most often, I speak about

  • Faith and the 2016 presidential election
  • Religion and politics
  • Media and politics
  • Religion and media
  • Public opinion
  • History of and theological foundations for Christian political engagement
  • Catholic social teaching
  • The promise and perils of partisanship
  • Church and state issues
  • The contested meanings of religious freedom
  • Single-issue talks on the religious politics of: Immigration reform, income and wealth inequality, abortion, criminal justice reform, capital punishment, gay rights & religious liberty, etc.

I particularly enjoy speaking to

  • Academic conferences
  • Faith leaders
  • Houses of worship
  • Religious groups seeking to understand politics more fully
  • Political groups seeking to understand religion more fully
  • Interfaith groups
  • Denominational boards, agencies, and judicatories

If you are interested in having me speak to your conference or organization, pleas use the contact form.