I have a very amateur interest in genealogy. My first American ancestor came to this country in 1752. Through my wife's family, my children trace their American roots back to the Mayflower.

April 2013 trip to perry county, Pennsylvania

my 6th great-grandfather, hans jacob lupfer, emigrated from near wittenberg in saxony in 1752, arriving in philadelphia.

My 5th great-grandfather, Casper lupfer, was a patriot in the war for independence.

my 4th great-grandfather, jacob lupfer, lived from 1791-1827.

These men and many of their relatives are buried in new bloomfield, pa. i visited the cemetery in 2013.

my 3rd great-grandfather, samuel lupfer, owned and operated a tannery with his brother, israel, in toboyne township, pa.

The tannery buildings are gone, but some of the stone foundations for the vats remains. The house did not stay in the family. It was owned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for many years and used as a hunting lodge. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2003 (click here to see the nomination form). Samuel Lupfer was an early supporter of the new Republican Party. One of his children, born in 1863, was named Samuel Lincoln Lupfer in honor of the 16th President. Our family’s most cherished treasure is a medallion minted for President Lincoln’s second inaugural. Samuel Lincoln Lupfer moved to Florida in the 1880s, and he and his descendants were leading citizens in Saint Cloud and Kissimmee, where I was born. The Lincoln name stayed in the family through my father, Samuel Lincoln Lupfer, IV, and lives on through my nephew.