I work with people who care about the common good.

I am not very ideological, nor am I a fan of the two-party system. I critique republicans and democrats. i strive for justice and insight, not moderation or centrism for their own sake. I forge coalitions. I build consensus. I listen. I help people and groups achieve their goals by showing them where victory can be won, and how to find hearts and minds that can be changed.

Political consulting for:

  • Independent candidates and organizations
  • Third-party candidates and organizations
  • Pro-life Democrats
  • #NeverTrump Republicans
  • Connecting faith and values to electoral reform
  • Anyone who wants to weaken or break the two party system

Explaining faith to politicos:

  • Candidates' faith background and influences
  • Parties' and candidates' faith outreach efforts
  • Demographic data and trends
  • Religious leaders' statements and activism
  • Conflicts between candidate/party positions and church teaching

Helping people in religious, business, or political orgs understand:

  • Denominations and denominational conflict
  • Religious coalitions
  • Political attitudes and behaviors of clergy
  • Religion and media
  • Media and politics
  • Public opinion
  • Religious interest groups
  • History of and theological foundations for Christian political engagement
  • Catholic social teaching
  • The promise and perils of partisanship
  • Church and state issues
  • The contested meanings of religious freedom
  • Single-issue talks on the religious politics of: Immigration reform, income and wealth inequality, abortion, criminal justice reform, capital punishment, gay rights & religious liberty, etc.


  • E.J. Dionne, Washington Post columnist and Brookings Institution Senior Fellow
  • Rev. Jim Wallis, President and Founder of Sojourners
  • Jim Winkler, President and General Secretary of the National Council of Churches

to inquire about my services as a consultant, please use this contact form.