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Jacob Lupfer (@jlupf) A fierce critic of unthinking partisanship, Lupfer advises moderates within the two parties, ideologues of the left and right that fall outside the parties, as well as Independent candidates. He also works on political reform and other initiatives to make politics more representative, accountable, and just.

Lupfer's professional interests include the role of religion in American politics, public opinion, and political behavior. He has conducted extensive research on religious elites in U.S. politics, religious interest groups in Washington, and the role of faith in political socialization.

An expert on religion in American public life, Lupfer's work as a consultant, researcher, and writer focuses on how religious people and institutions can effectively and faithfully influence politics and public policy.

A regular commentator on religion and politics, Lupfer's work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Religion & Politics, Commonweal, and other outlets. In the last presidential cycle, he wrote a popular blog about the role of faith in the 2016 election for Patheos, a premier online destination for information and commentary from various religious and nonreligious viewpoints.  Lupfer is a contributing editor at Religion News Service, the leading news agency and wire service covering religion, spirituality, and ethics.

A native of Kissimmee, Florida, Lupfer has also lived in Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C. Passionate about education and communication, Lupfer has taught at the middle school, high school, community college, and university levels. He holds degrees from Oklahoma Baptist University (B.A.), Boston University (M.T.S.), and Georgetown University (M.A).

Lupfer lives near Baltimore with his wife and their three young children.


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